Cloudflare doesn't recognize my nameservers

I’ve added my domain about a week ago but Cloudflare still says “Pending nameservers update”. I’ve checked the NS with Google’s DNS check but that all seems ok.

Does anyone know what to do?

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Have you checked your domain using WHOIS? You must change your nameservers at your registrar and not at your current DNS provider.

To check WHOIS, do this at your command line:


Or you can visit ICANN Lookup and enter your domain name and check the Nameservers: section.

Make absolutely sure only your Cloudflare nameservers are listed there and they are spelled exactly as they appear in your Cloudflare dashboard.

I’ve changed the NS at the registrar. The domain is

Hi simon,

The whois shows the correct nameservers. I’ve changed the nameservers at the registrar, they also told me that the problem is most likely with Cloudflare.

If you’d like to check it yourself, the domain is

Nameservers are correct, but you seem to have a broken DNSSEC configuration.

You’d need to fix this at your registrar and provide the values indicated by Cloudflare.

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