Cloudflare doesn't recognise that I have redirected my nameservers

I have been trying to add and but the process won’t accept that the nameservers are correct. Whois shows the correct cloudflare nameservers.

What nameservers did Cloudflare give you? What error are you seeing?

It looks to me as if Cloudflare is active, the nameservers are Mira and Major, and CF issued a cert last Wednesday.

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Everything says thats the case but when I look to the dns whilst I could add records no error other than that cloudflare still insisted I had to point my nameservers to theirs.

fwiw having had no response from them since last wednesday I deleted the two domains and redirected to my Hostinger nameservers and used their premium connection to cloudflare which all worked fine.

I had wanted to keep all my sites dns in one place but perhaps 19 is too many for them.

The .com zone was added, then removed 3 minutes later… same a couple of days later within 5 or so minutes and then 3rd time added, activated and then 4 days later deleted.


Because i am always told my nameservers are not correct. Usually the dns gets picked up i reset my registrars nameservers and wait but thd nameservers had ben pointed to cloudflare for days. I disconnected and readded because of the it just wasnt registering. Connected imediately going through hostinger.

Based on a whois value Cloudflare does not control, which is checked on a backoff schedule because checking ever .0001ms is not efficient. However the .com domain was deleted several days after the zone was active on Cloudflare after the 2 - 3 - 5 minute attempts were performed… which did not impact production traffic to the origin.

Pre-zone move validation is available on an enterprise an after demonstrating positive control. But most Enterprise customers opt for standard zone move validation in my experience.

I can only point to the log view which shows 2x attempts at the .com zone domain in under 10 minutes before being deleted and the 3rd attempt being valid on Cloudflare for several days before being removed. Without a realtime monitor demonstrating an issue (significant time delay) I can’t comment further… but thousands of domains were activated in the same time period on a variety of plans and no internal (or external) issue was posted about zone authorization failures to my knowledge.

Partner zone activations (assuming that is a Cloudflare partner), per hostname do not rely on partner or registrar DNS propagation and only cover the hostname(s) in question.

If you want to use a partner integration that’s awesome; we have some great partners. In general I find them to be more difficult than hosting directly, but I have limited experience with those integrations overall as I tend to work with full or cname customers who control their own DNS and control changes directly.

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