Cloudflare doesn't point at WordPress site or login

I’m using webhero as a host for my WordPress site, and when I added the nameservers for Cloudflare, it now points to the default Webhero welcome site. ( Is there a setting in Webhero or Cloudflare I need to update to point at the WordPress version of the site? Do I need to update the htaccess file?

Additionally, I get a 403 when trying to get to the admin, so I’ve been unable to install the Cloudflare plugin in WordPress…

Ok, I heard back from webhero and apparently everyone but me is seeing the correct site. But any thoughts on how to get passed the 403 to log in to the admin would still be appreciated.

If you’re not seeing the site there’s a possibility that either you have a previously cached DNS entry to a hard coded entry for your site in your hosts file. If that’s the case the 403 is because you aren’t hitting the right site… so I would try flushing your DNS first and then doing a DNS lookup (using dig or nslookup) and comparing it to Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

The values should match.

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