Cloudflare doesn't mention in plans that how much monthly bandwidth will provides

Hi Friends, Please tell me that how much bandwidth is given by Cloudflare in free plan,pro plan, business plan. In Google i see unlimited bandwidth but Is Cloudflare gives truly unlimited bandwidth or limit (10/50/100TB/~)/Monthly for pro and business plan. Please tell me because i am confused to choose best CDN.
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There’s no bandwidth limit, as long as you’re not violating Terms of Service.

Sir if startup company buy pro plan and website (e-commerce) uses 100TB/monthly or more bandwidth. can i use this plan ? #reliability #setup #general

At that level, you’d better email the sales department: sales AT cloudflare DOT com

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:wave: @daman.ohri19,

If you are running a site that doesn’t violate the TOS? No problem.

Want to run a file locker or fake extensions to try and bypass streaming detection? Problem.

— OG

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