Cloudflare doesn't have Google's MX records in their DNS

It looks like my domain’s name servers were changed on 1/6/2022 to use Cloudflare’s DNS. I’m using Google for the email on my domain and Cloudflare doesn’t have Google’s MX records in their DNS. Since I haven’t received emails since the 6th I cannot reset my password to fix. No way to contact Cloudflare if you do not have an account. So I logged in under another account name. I remember researching this for my new domain but I do not recall signing up. Ho can I fix this? It’s effecting my business.

If you weren’t the person who changed your nameservers to Cloudflare then who was? I’d recommend contacting them to assist with this.

That’s an issue if your Cloudflare account is on an email on a domain within the account.

You would need to set up a new account, add the domain and point the nameservers there if you cannot access the old one.

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Thank you but I’m a dummy with this type of thing. Is there an article you could point me to that could walk me through it? My new account is what I’m logged into rn. I can’t even delete this account at this point (which is what I want to do). Thanks so much for your immediate response!

I recently switched to kajabi. I’m the only one who would have made these changes. Maybe I did but I do remember I was holding off on starting an account since I’m not too concerned about security.

Ohh, did they give you these nameservers to switch to? In that case, you would have to add the records with them as your domain is likely in their account.

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I’ll reach back out to my host. Thanks again!

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