Cloudflare doesn't copy all existing DNS records, I need to check with another tool every time

Hello, this is already the sixth domain ( that I need to manually enter the DNS values, I need to check at the source or with another tool, for example: DNS Lookup - Check DNS Records

Why does this happen and how to solve it?

It has happened that I set up without checking and my client misses important emails.

If another tool can check correctly why not CF?

Cloudflare’s DNS scanner is best effort. You should really look at exporting and importing DNS records for the best results

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Found this issue since the first migration.

  • Export your DNS records from your previous provider

  • I went throug the exported file and got rid of senseless entries

  • Import the resulting text file

CF manages errors, duplicates, etc and logs them, just minor adjustments after import like TTL values
But throughly compare both providers records one by one before NS replacement

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