Cloudflare doesn't cache static assets?

Hi people… My site is static html and I’ve created the following rule:*
Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month

But Gtemetrix says: “Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy” and lists resources including css, javasripts and images… is it correct? Cloudflare doesn’t cache these items?


Cloudflare does cache those items by default, but unless you alter the browser cache TTL in the cache tab of the dashboard, it will be 4 hours by default.

You can find the browser cache TTL setting here

What the test is expecting is the assets (CSS/JS) to be cached for longer (ie 7 days as an example)

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They are cached by Cloudflare, GTMetrix means with a efficient cache Policy that the Browser should be telled to cache static Stuff like this longer. You can add a Browser Cache TTL for this


Thank you… I have configured Browser Cache TTL: 1 month

Now Gtemetrix says: “Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)”, and lists resources including css, javasripts and images…

Sorry… Cloudflare was paused… Thanke…

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