Cloudflare doesn't cache local fonts?

I use plugin OMGF to host google fonts on my server. After I set it up, I purged Cloudflare cache, waited couple of minutes, and went to GTmetrix and tested my site. Unluckily, it still loads fonts from my server, and not from Cloudflare cache.

Why is that and how can I cache fonts from my server as well?

I use OMGF and it’s caching my local fonts.

If you click the + for that entry, you should see a cf-cache-status header with, probably, MISS. It takes at least one visit to cache files, so next time, it should be a HIT.

It says “expired”. Is that bad or just 1 time thing?

It could be Expired if Cloudflare kicked it out of the cache. There’s no guarantee it will stay in cache for very long, but Expired shows that it was at least in the cache for some period of time. Next visit through in the SEA region in a short amount of time should be a HIT.

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I see, thank you for your time and help!

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