Cloudflare doesn't cache homepage

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I’m a complete beginner when it comes to Cloudflare and caching in general.
My website ( is using Wordpress and the hummingbird plugin.
I set up Cloudflare a few days ago. Including nameservers and pagerules but I still think that Cloudflare is not caching my site. The time to first byte got worse and GTMetrix says that it bypasses my landing page.
Is guess it’s just my lack of knowledge and that that might be a common problem.
So thanks in advance for your help.

Here are some screenshots of my pagerules and the GTmetrix result

I can guess at most of that, but I’m quite sure only Rule 1 is triggering because Rules 2 and 3 are subsets of Rule 1.

I suggest you use “Always Use HTTPS” in SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates, then delete Rule 1.

If “Umgehen” means “Bypass”, then you’re going to bypass cache for all your wp-content/uploads.

A better approach would be to use APO (Automated Platform Optimization) from the Cloudflare Plugin. It’s $5/month on free plans, and free on paid plans.

Thank you,

I applied all of your suggestions including the APO and it does a great job.
Deleted the SSL rule and replaced with the SSL/TLS setting and changed the bypass rule to “*

Even the bookly appointment form is still working. I was a bit worried about that.
I still have to work on the mobile-performance (google is giving me 11/100 for that) but that should be fixable with WP-Plugins

So: Thanks again!!

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