Cloudflare doesn`t detect dns server change

Hi all, I have a domain:

I bought it on I added two A-records to let my ip-address ( be linked to &

I needed an SLL certificate and therefore I joined Cloudflare (free plan). Originally the nameservers were from So I changed them to the Cloudflare nameservers ( & This change was done successfully according to But when I look up my domain on whois then no nameservers are found. Cloudflare also doesn`t recognize any changes.

What did I miss?

Hello there,

This domain does not have a valid DNS record. Check it here:

You may need to contact the Registrar in this case.

Edit: Seems propagation is in process. Even the DNS allocation looks to be incomplete. you are too early to dive into Cloudflare (as I see now)

Thanks for the lightning fast response! Damn, stupid of me… I got an email from saying the change was made succesfully so I assumed the process was over. I will wait a bit more then.