Cloudflare does not work on hosting

I have changed the DNS I got from Cloudflare on my hosting and waited almost 3 days but nothing happened except my site could not be accessed.

You have not provided any information that can be used to help diagnose and resolve the issue.

Do you get any error message?

Have you just recently added the domain to Cloudflare, and are you referring to setting the nameservers?

What is the domain?

Two weeks ago, however, when my website could not be accessed, I changed back to the normal DNS. Don’t know if it’s the nameservers but the one Cloudflare provides Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

can’t give my domain unfortunately

No error messages

Can you explain what you mean by “can not be accessed”?

(OP shared domain in DM)

The site is not currently active on Cloudflare. However, the certificate being presented by the web server is not valid. I can see a regular history of certificates being issued for this domain (on So I would start with fixing that problem.

I’m assuming the domain is still in your Cloudflare account.

  • Set all DNS records to be :grey:.
  • Set the Encryption mode to Full (Strict), and enable “Always Use HTTPS”.
  • Double check that you have created all DNS records correctly in the Cloudflare dashboard. (And that everything is :grey:)
  • Change the nameservers to the two Cloudflare nameservers. (Delete all four current nameservers).

Wait a day or two, but everything should be fine at this stage. All you have changed is DNS, and no HTTP traffic is hitting Cloudflare.

Verify that there is an active Edge Certificate for your domain in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Change the A records for and to be :orange:.

If there are issues at that stage report back here.

This is hard for someone like me who is not very good at this sort of thing :frowning:

The page is now down

What error do you get?

It looks fine from here.

Also, one of the steps said to wait a day or two. Did you skip any other steps?

Looks good from you? How can it look good from your side when the web page is not reachable? I didn’t skip the second one but don’t know how to do it.

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