Cloudflare does not support Skip of Known Bots. Error occurs

Trying to configure Cloudflare to skip know bots. Error occurs. Cloudflare is blocking google, google video, msn, all other bots and makes the web site completely useless as it can not be indexed. The moment we subscribed it completely blocked everything and there is no way to configure a Skip action as this functionality does not work with cloudflare.

Screenshot below. Also there is a video, but of course a large service as cloudflare can not simple allow people to upload videos… /sarcasm

Your own screenshot clearly shows the error message:

Action parameters are required for skip action (code: 20115)

You need to select at least one of the WAF components (displayed in your screenshot) to skip.

And searching for both the error message and code 20115 would have told you what you’re missing. See the documentation below.


Yes, you are right. I had no way to connect the by “action parameters” they mean “waf components to skip”.

How was I supposed to know that “action parameters” mean “components”? What have I missed?

By searching the error message. That’s exactly what I did :smiley:

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Well, makes sense, makes sense.

Thanks @GeorgeAppiah

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