Cloudflare does not show website when it goes down (Error 524 etc.)

We are using Cloudflare through our webhost who have Cloudflare integration via their cPanel.

One issue we have with using Cloudflare through the current set-up with our webhost’s nameservers and cpanel is it doesn’t seem to work properly on our sites?

As an example, when our website hosted with with our webhost goes down, Cloudflare doesn’t show the site but just an error message. See below screenshot from in the past.

What settings / configuration do we need to have to ensure that when the site stops working, the Cloudflare integration shows the site to its visitors from Cloudflare’s CDN?

For this Wordpress website that I have attached the screenshot from, we have set-up everything meticulously on your cpanel, with the Cloudflare wordpress plugin for this site and also on

It doesn’t look like Always Online triggered. Here is the documentation on that feature:


Thank you for your prompt and helpful response.

I’ve checked in our account and the “Always Online” is set to “on”. See screenshot below.

However, maybe it doesn’t work because this is a premium/paid feature?

Or is there some other problem please?

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