Cloudflare does not recognize the nameserver of my Domian

I have already received an email from Cloudflare some time ago that my domain no longer points to the name servers of Cloudflare.

But when I look at my domain provider (Namecheap) I still see only that my domain points to the Cloudflare servers.

I have already tried to delete my “zone” at Cloudflare once and then add it again at Cloudflare, but this has not brought much success.

Even if I make a Whois query about my domain, only the nameservers of Cloudflare are displayed there.

Does anyone have any idea how I can solve my problem, I slowly do not know which steps I can still try …

What is your domain?

My Domain is

That domain’s status is serverHold. You need to contact your registrar to find out why.


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