Cloudflare does not provide a passthough option

I hope that cloudflare will provide a passthrough option. Or provide way to solve my problem.

still waiting.

still waiting.

I would like to ask if cloudflare plan to support this.

Hey mate,

stumbled across the same issue when hosting a container registry (Docker) behind Cloudflare Tunnels.

As far as i understand Cloudflares Caching, there are two options to bypass it:

Option 1 - Page Rule
Bypass the cache by creating a Page Rule instead of a Cache Rule and set the cache level type there:

Option 2 - Cache Control Header
Documentation may be found here: Origin Cache Control · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs
If you are in control of some kind of Proxy (like Nginx), you may be able to add the cache control header to every response that comes from your Minio backend.