Cloudflare does not block the country

Hi, I want to do captcha validation for external visitors because of ddos ​​attack.

I applied it. DDOS did not prevent the attack

Do you see any challenge events in the firewall event tab?

Are you logging the “Cf-IPCountry” header in your origin logs? This would help figure out if any China requests are getting through your firewall rule.

Not all DDOS attacks come from China.

Are you sure you aren’t letting access circumvent Cloudflare’s firewall? Your backend firewall should only allow access from Cloudflare IP addresses:

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There is no such situation in the logs. I blocked France, and then I chose the france from vpn I logged into the site but didn’t block it

Do I need to allow the ip address on the server?

I see firewall events on the events tab for both China and France on your zone.

Also you only have your root domain behind Cloudflare, www goes direct to origin.

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