Cloudflare does not auto add DNS records

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I try to add my domain to cloudflare but it’s not auto add DNS records like it does before, so where i can get ipv4 to add to A name as proxy.
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The IPv4 you need you can obtain from your origin server or by asking your hosting provider, just ask for the:

  1. IPv4
  2. IPv6 (optional)

of your origin server.
If you do have SSH access you can find out yourself.

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sorry but i don’t use server or hosting, I want to add my domain to cloudflare then from cloudflare redirect to new domain, i already added some domain in the past and cloudflare work well, it’s auto add A name and ipv4 proxy and CName but today I try to add my domain but when I added it does not auto add A name and Cname like it does before, hope you can understand what I’m try to say.
Thank you.

If you just want to add it to later redirect it you can use any valid by CloudFlare accepted IP as it doesnt really mather if you anyway want to redirect it later

So just take the IP of the site you want to redirect to (or set a CNAME) and you are fine.

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Do this:


thank for your help

thank again

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