Cloudflare Docs small confusion

Hello everyone,
I’ve been rereading to refresh my knowledge of SSL/TLS on the Cloudflare Docs pages.
However I encountered a small confusing thing when reading the plans table, I think the writers of that page can be a little more specific with the titles (even though each leads to a different page).

Don’t know if this is worth creating a topic over, but I’m not sure where else to ask anyone from Cloudflare.

Pardon if it was unnecessary, and have a great day.

Thanks for the feedback here - I think that is a bug actually - if you click the link of the second copy of Custom Analytics it actually leads here:

That second custom analytics row actually refers to the feature where by a SaaS provider can select a CA for their custom hostname certificates.

I’ll submit a fix for this on github shortly:

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Thank you for the quick reply!

Yes, that’s what confused me, they lead to different pages and I was wondering what it has to do with analytics.
Thanks for clearing it up.

No worries. I’ve submitted a fix now:

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