Cloudflare Docs> HTML forms broken links

Hi there I am reading through Cloudflare docs and at the section Live example
the available on GitHub link seems to be broken.

is there any example which can take html form data and submit to sendinblue api with Cloudflare workers?


is this something I can expect to get help with in this form or is my question not relevant here

If you edit your post to change the category to either Developers > Workers or Developers > Cloudflare Pages, it might make it easier for your topic to be seen by the right folks.

Meanwhile, perhaps @Walshy could give you a hand with the form issue, and @cwaters with the broken link.


Hi @cbrandt I didn’t realise I was in wrong category, thanks alot for informing me

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I opened a pull request to remove the referenced repo that is unavailable.


Thanks all! That PR will get to Kate, our wonderful Workers writer. Should get addressed soon!



hi @adaptive I was hoping to access the repo so I can actually see how it works, do you happen to have a solution to make Cloudflare worker accept html form data and post to sendinblue api thanks

The team is updating that section, they did a commit recently:

still not working the updated url only change the user like this


but how can this url work in the beginning it looks like GitHub url and towards the end it looks like Cloudflare pages url. is where Cloudflare pages host the static sites of users and is a different site still do not understand where they to send the users

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