Cloudflare DNSSEC and adding DS Records

I enabled DNSSEC on my domain registered with Cloudflare.

Am I correct in understanding that cloudflare forces you to use a DS record they set? For my usecase I need to add a DS record of my own however when I do, I get this error code:
dns validation error (1004)

Anyone else come across this problem? Is it possible for me to put my own DS record in?

What’s that use case?

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I’ve set up Mail-in-a-box, it’s giving me a specific DS record to enter with a digest generated by my server.

That sounds like you’re following instructions to make it your authoritative DNS server, which will remove Cloudflare services from your domain (and leave your domain with a single, self-managed nameserver, which is not a good idea). I found these instructions which include “Advanced Usage with External DNS” notes showing which steps to skip.

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