Cloudflare DNS Troubleshooting

I have a few domains in Cloudflare. They’re all on the same hosting and the domains were all purchased from the same place. It seems as if I have my settings in place, but for some reason when I check, I see two IPs for two of my domains and only one IP for the domain that’s not working.

I need this domain ( to point to A2 Hosting. I’m not understanding why the domain is going to the wrong server.

Here’s a quick 60-second video:

Hello @rick6

After reviewing your video, you are not proxying the A record for that domain. Enable the proxy so the cloud next to the record turns orange, and do the same for the www if that is not set, and you should see the two cloudflare IPs appear there.

One tip I often do to make sure the IP I put into cloudflare is correct, is I actually create a CNAME for the main domain (without www) and point it at the server hostname, which cloudflare then flattens and turns into two A records and two AAAA records, and then CNAME the www to the main domain so they are both the same, also means if my host changes their server IP for whatever reason, the DNS for my domains auto update for me.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks @DavidHunterScot. That is very helpful.

I understand just about everything you wrote here. The one thing I’m struggling with is creating a CNAME and pointing it to my server hostname. I know how to do the CNAME creation and editing. I’m just not sure where to find the server hostname.

This will often be the hostname you use to access a control panel such as cPanel if different to your domain, and you could also try doing a reverse DNS lookup on the IP of the server which might reveal the hostname.

Without knowing your exact hosting setup, I cannot really comment further on this, but I hope I have still helped you here.


Okay. Here’s the two screenshots of me proxying where you mentioned. Can you tell me if these are correct?

I’ll look more into the hostname stuff in a bit. Thanks for your help so far. It’s greatly appreciated. If I did this part right, I think I can figure out the rest. Please let me know.

They’re making me create another post to add the other image. Adding it now.

Here’s the other image:

Assuming the IP in the A record shown in the first image is indeed the one of the server you wish to handle the domain, then you have set that correctly, and the CNAME in the second image is basically mirroring the first one, so it is also good. Both have the orange proxied cloud on them so should show cloudflare IPs in DNS instead of the server IP.

Everything looks good from what I can see.

I also took the liberty to perform a reverse lookup on the IP shown in the screenshot, and it appears to belong to Google. As long as the IP doesn’t change on the server, then you should not need to worry about updating it with Cloudflare.

The hostname I got from the reverse lookup is one branded as the IP itself so will most likely always point to that IP regardless of if the one on the server changes, so I wouldn’t bother using that instead, as you are probably just as good using the IP itself like you currently have set, so you are all good to go.

As a reference, the result from the reverse lookup is as follows.

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

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