Cloudflare DNS to VPS server

Hi dear technical team of community. I add cloudflare nameserver to my domain from namesilo. DNS was ready, but domain don’t added to my VPS server. Please help me.

(XID 5pt5tj) This domain points to an IP address that does not use the DNS servers associated with this server. Transfer the domain to this server’s nameservers at the domain’s registrar or update your system to recognize the current DNS servers. To do this, use WHM’s Configure Remote Service IPs interface.

It sounds like your host does not want you using anybody else’s DNS. You will have to ask your host if they can fix this. If they will not fix this, then you can’t use that host with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare not installed to cPanel? How you think? Need a plugin to install?

The cPanel integration with Cloudflare requires a Partner contract.

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