Cloudflare DNS to remote IP not working

Hello everyone,

I have setup a the nameserver on my domain host for cloudflare. I created a DNS record type A to point at another remote IP address which is hosting a webserver on port 443. Problem is, whenever i try accessing the subdomain, it gives me a Cloudflare 521 error code, says webserver is down.

When I connect to the IP straight through the browser, everything works fine.

Is this my remote webserver problem or my domain host for my website?

Any advice? Thank you.

Edit that record so it’s DNS only and see if you can get it working. It needs to function with https and your hostname before you proxy it with Cloudflare.

When I changed it to DNS only, it does not show the error anymore, but now its giving me a “This site cant be reached” , refused to connect.
What can be causing this? As the webserver is running on 443

Edit , I put https:// infront of the address and it seems to be working now. Although it did not secure the website and it shows untrusted message. Anyway to let cloudflare CA trust the site?

Those are essentially the same error. The site on your server is unreachable. You’ll have to fix it before you proxy it with Cloudflare.

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