Cloudflare DNS through OpenVPN

I have seen that there a few topics around this but none of them offered a solution to my problem so here’s a new one.

I have a Raspberry Pi on which I have installed OpenVPN (pi-vpn) and Cloudflared.

Cloudflared -v
Cloudflared version 2018.6.2 (built 2018-06-15-0929 UTC)

I have edited /etc/openvpn/server.conf and made sure that only

push “dhcp-option DNS”

was enabled.

Now, I don’t know if this works. If Cloudflare DOH is used by the VPN.

So to test it I temporarily changed it to > push “dhcp-option DNS” as I know that OpenDNS offers a page to check whether you are using their DNS or not. I have restarted the Pi, restarted the iPhone I was connected from (through the VPN), nothing. It would still say that I was not using OpenDNS.

So it seems that the dhcp-option DNS … parameter is not enforced…?

I also wanted to use Cloudflared ( to resolv the local DNS queries, so I edited my /etc/resolv.conf to only contain nameserver (I also tried with 192.168.1.X:5053 - the local IP of the Pi), unfortunately I wasn’t able to navigate.

Am I doing something completely wrong here? :smiley:

  1. Why isn’t OpenVPN using (if not) the DNS that I set in dhcp-option
  2. Is it normal that I am unable to navigate using Cloudflared to resolve the DNS queries?


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