Cloudflare DNS Teamspeak domain not working

I have followed this guide here:

To assign my domain to TeamSpeak, however, even after following the above tutorial to the letter, it does not work, here is how it is set up currently (I am aware the domains are different, I fixed it after the screenshot):


thanks for bringing this up. replace



Please let me know if it works after that.
I’ll also edit the tutorial to fit the new DNS app layout.

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Hi Mark,

I figured this out in the end and the above you posted is in fact the solution. I also noted that you seem to be able to change the “A” entry or delete it altogether and it continues to work?

I also noted with the tutorial - you say to name the “A” record " 'ts. ’ (note the full stop) - CF does not allow you to name it “ts.” only “ts” - it also appears you can enter without needing to specify the port using a standard setup…and it also appears this A record doesn’t seem to do much.

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