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Hi, I am new to CloudFlare. My site is hosted at Bluehost. Since I changed the DNS names in Bluehost to the ones CloudFlare gave me, my bluehost emails stopped sending or receiving emails. I followed tutorials on youtube to setup CloudFlare settings. I noticed this (see image) in my CloudFlare’s DNS tab. Is it ok not to have orange cloud incons in these two? Thanks in advance.

Your DNS entry for ‘mail’ needs to be set to :grey:.

Your Mx record is pointing to a host named mail, but you don’t appear to have a host named mail defined in DNS.

I’m pretty sure it exists, but is set to :orange:, so Cloudflare rewrites the MX record with a special subdomain tied to the origin IP address.

Hello, first of all, thanks for your support… I talked with bluehost, they told me to edit two DNS records:

1st record:
Host: mail
Points to: (they gave me IP address)
Type: A

2nd Record:
Host: @
points to:
Type: MX

I already did this… ALTHOUGH… in MX record… when I type @ for the NAME field, it writes my domain… the @ doesn’t show…

Also… you suggested to change the icon to gray cloud in the MAIL DNS entry… when I do that an orange triangle icon with “!” exclamation shows next to the A type, and it says “this record exposes your origin IP, to fix this, change its proxy status”


Thanks Oliver… appreciate your help.

@ is shorthand for your domain name. Your MX record is correct.

Because your mail server is also your web server, you have to expose the origin IP address for mail to work.

Hello Sdayman… Can I send you an image of my DNS settings? so you can let me know if everything is ok? … I don’t know if there is sensitive information there, only the IP address (?) Thanks a lot

Go ahead and post it, but black out the IP addresses.

Thanks Sdayman… here you go…

You might not realize it, but with just a second step, anybody can already get your origin IP address. That’s just a fact of life when you use a web server for email as well.

so i have to gray out the orange cloud in the ‘A’ ‘mail’ right? …

Already answered.

Thanks so much… It was the first time I wrote to any help forum… Appreciate your help,

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