CloudFlare DNS still working after changing nameservers away from CloudFlare


So I moved my DNS records over to a different DNS hosting provider. Started by copying the zone over and then I removed records I no longer needed and did some cleanup. Went to my domain registrar and replaced the Cloudflare nameservers with my new nameservers.

Did some testing and my records at the new DNS hosting provider are working, however it seems like some of my web services still think Cloudflare is the DNS hosting provider. Also, records I delete on the new hosting are still resolving – almost like Cloudflare DNS is still out there somewhere for my domain? All the DNS tools I use to check are not showing Cloudflare. But I was able to prove this by deleting records with Cloudflare and putting them back and I’m able to see the change.

This is about 24 hours after I changed nameservers.

Basically, I’m wondering if I need to do anything else on the Cloudflare side so it isn’t caching my DNS out there somewhere? Does this make sense?

Whats the domain to begin with?

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