Cloudflare DNS settings with

I just signed up with and configured Clodflare DNS with their IPs (Public IP addresses · Documentation) however am getting a 502 Error. I am told this is a cloudflare configuration issue, need help.

Please toggle that DNS entry to :grey: DNS Only and wait five minutes for it to take effect. Then make sure it works properly with HTTPS.

Thank you , that worked, however now I get the following error " Your connection is not private". https is not enabled.

Also if I bypass that error, it says - Error 502

No route known for

That’s why I added this:

This is not a Cloudflare configuration issue. It’s a host configuration issue.

Clearly I am not qualified enough to do this. This was very simple with a 3rd party host. Struggling with This is what I am told

I recommend that you use the CNAME where allowed
For the apex, use as many A records from this list as allowed:

How do I make sure it works properly with HTTPS

Please help.

They have to add a certificate to their server that matches your custom hostname (the hostname with the CNAME or “A” record).

Where would I find that certificate?

Platform is supposed to handle this, but if they let you upload a certificate, Cloudflare can generate one for you:

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