Cloudflare DNS Settings/Google VPS

Greetings to everyone,

Cloudflare DNS settings of my website and DNS Settings on my Server are like this. Do you think I made a mistake, is everything OK?

I’d say a couple, such as e.g.:

  1. Change β€œmail” A record to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only,

  2. Change β€œ” within your SRV records to become β€œ”.

  3. Make sure that your email programs are using β€œ” as it’s SMTP/POP3/IMAP server name, NOT just β€œ”.

  4. Your three default._domainkey records on the Cloudflare screenshot seems a bit excessive? How did you end up with 3, instead of the one on the other screenshot?

  5. Kill that β€œ_domainkey” one with the contents of β€œo=-”.

  6. Your β€œftp” sub-domain won’t work, as it is a CNAME to a Proxied (:orange:) record.

  7. Your ns1 and ns2 DNS records are most likely useless.

  8. Remove β€œ+a” and β€œ+mx” from your β€œv=spf1” TXT.
    If β€œmail” points to an IP address starting with 185, I’d say change that TXT to::
    β€œv=spf1 ip4:185.x.x.x -all”
    (replace the .x’es with the proper address)

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