Cloudflare DNS settings for Cloudflare Pages

Hi all,
this is more of a sanity check as to if I’ve setup my Cloudflare DNS correctly for my Cloudflare Pages website.

I have my domain registered with Cloudflare, the apex domain and www both point to my pages[.]dev url like so:

  • domain[.]com → project[.]pages[.]dev
  • www → project[.]pages[.]dev

The only other DNS records are for MX and TXT (email setup). There is no A record as there is no IP that I can find for the Cloudflare Pages project. The above appears to work. I also have redirects in place for both:

  • domain[.]com → www[.]domain[.]com (naked to www domain)
  • project[.]pages[.]dev → https://www[.]domain[.]com - Preserve query string, Include subdomains, Subpath matching, Preserve path suffix, all checked (this is to prevent browsing my site on the project[.]pages[.]dev URL)

Does this look right for having my website hosted on Cloudflare Pages with a Cloudflare domain? Basically I just want the site to only be accessible via https[:]//www[.]domain[.]com

Thanks for any insights

A CNAME is a canonical redirect, basically saying “look over here for results!”. They work a bit more specially with Proxy Enabled, but essentially the same idea, it’s resolving the for an A/AAAA record to get an IP to send the request to, essentially.

Sounds sane to me. Only thing I would mention is your bulk redirect, if you want to use the preview deployment urls/branch previews, you’d want to uncheck Include subdomains and under the Pages Project → Manage tab → Access policy, you can enable Cloudflare Access on your previews so they are still accessible but protected. If you don’t care about the deployment previews then you’re all set.


Brilliant, thank you @Chaika ! That answered all my questions, and how cool is Cloudflare Access, that was super easy to setup and seems to work exactly as advertised, what a great solution.

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