Cloudflare DNS setting (CNAME) routes to old/unrelated page

We have setup Cloudflare as a custom name server for a Google Domains-provided website address.
We have assigned the CNAME bellmarefutsal to route the address to a Google Storage Bucket:

Inside the Google Cloud Storage bucket we store an index html file.

Unfortunately, when we try to access the URL it does not show the index.html from above, but rather an unrelated error-page.

Looking at the page-code, it seems the data is coming from Shopify, which was where the CNAME pointed to until Oct. 14th (over 1 month ago).

We have setup a secondary CNAME in the same account, with the exact same settings and pointing to an identical Google Storage Bucket, which works completely fine:

How come this is working for the second page, but not for the first? Where does the Shopify-error message come from? Could it be that Cloudflare is still caching something it should not?
We have already tried a full Cache purge within the Cloudflare settings, but no change.

Any advice/help would be much appreciated, thank you!

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Thank you for your reply, but we do not have a problem with the hostname itself, the main-page as well as other subdomains work without issue. It is just this one subdomain that shows this behavior.

Yeah, and that hostname is the issue.

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