Cloudflare DNS servers not accessible in Mongolia

I have just arrived in Mongolia, and thought I’d provide a follow up to this article:

Is my ISP blocking Cloudflare DNS? (Mongolia)

It seems that for my ISP (Citinet / ‘STXCitinet LLC’) I am also unable to use Cloudflare’s DNS. The article above references that it’s just port 53 (DNS) that is down, and HTTPS/HTTP work fine, which I can confirm having visited in my browser.

Is using Cloudflared or dnscrypt-proxy really the only option for this? I doubt that’s something a) your average person would be motivated to do b) your average person would understand how to do/what it means. It’d be great if we can talk with Mongolia’s ISPs to see about opening up port 53 (DNS).

P.S. I looked through the router settings (router is a TP Link TL-WR941ND) and I don’t see any issues there, so it seems to be an issue at the ISP level.