Cloudflare Dns servers do not asnwer says OVH registrar


i have a domain name from ovhcloud

i have configured the dns servers on ovh interface.
bret and marge

OVH support team says Cloudflare dns servers are well configured but that they do not answer

Cloudflare automatic interface says cns servers are not Cloudflare ones.

how to to make Cloudflare support to really check about it.

maybe mistake is from ovh but at leat they have som human answering

Where did you take these nameservers from?

thank you for fast answer
i used the DNS servers like usual from Cloudflare interface

You can’t use nameservers which you took from another domain.

You first need to add the domain. Did you do so?

i did this

You have a typo in your domain on Cloudflare.

Remove your domain from Cloudflare, reset your nameservers at the registrar to the default ones, and then add the actual domain to Cloudflare.

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