CloudFlare DNS Records + SMTP Service. Help Please

Hi everyone. I have an issue going-on for 2 months and nobody - not even experts or any Support has a clue - and my business is suffering. I can really use some help. I’m a Marketer and have a big list of people (email addresses). They are my subscribers and I send them occasional helpful content and emails about my products. I’m now trying to use an SMTP service to send the e-mails because they have fast servers. So I have the sending Domain at Cloudflare so that I can have an SSL certificate on the domain (so the sending Domain’s DNS records are here at CloudFlare). I also have an autoresponder where I write my emails. Obviously I also have Web Hosting. The issue is all 4 places require their own set of SMTP records. Everyone is telling me to have the SMTP records set at CloudFlare cuz that’s where the Domain’s DNS records are. So since I’m using the new SMTP Service to send all my emails, I set the Service’s SMTP records here at Cloudflare. After that, all was ‘verified’ and good at the SMTP Service so I created a Campaign and sent an email to everyone on my list (9,292 subscribers). Btw, I just had my whole list 100% cleaned before sending, and all emails are valid. Well, I got 2,000+ delivered successfully and 7,000+ BOUNCED. Obviously it’s not the cleaned list…it’s somewhere in the records. If the SMTP Service’s records all checked-out and are verified, what’s the issue? An added piece of knowledge - and this may have something to do with it - I’m on CloudFlare’s free SSL Certificate, not the paid one. Does anyone know what could be happening? Thank you, Rob

This is the service I always use for testing email. Send it a test message just like you do for that list and see what it says.

I will try it. Thank you for your reply

3.6/10 What? I’m getting a 99/100 at the service. Well, first I need to get the records right anyway.

But awesome tool thanks

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