CloudFlare DNS records refused

I am not sure what is going on. It seems like some sites get through, while others don’t.

I can’t seem to find too much information on this, but here it goes:

Using intodns . com:

Missing nameservers reported by your nameservers You should already know that your NS records at your nameservers are missing, so here it is again:


SOA Error SOA record No valid SOA record came back!
MX Error MX Records Oh well, I did not detect any MX records so you probably don’t have any and if you know you should have then they may be missing at your nameservers!
WWW Error WWW A Record ERROR: I could not get any A records for mellowtarot .com!

(I only do a cache request, if you recently added a WWW A record, it might not show up here.)

Using zonemaster . iis . se:

Nameserver connie.ns.Cloudflare .com/ did not return NS records. RCODE was REFUSED.

Nameserver connie.ns.Cloudflare .com/2400:cb00:2049:1::adf5:3af7 did not return NS records. RCODE was REFUSED.

Nameserver kanye.ns.Cloudflare .com/ did not return NS records. RCODE was REFUSED.

Nameserver kanye.ns.Cloudflare .com/2400:cb00:2049:1::adf5:3bbd did not return NS records. RCODE was REFUSED.

My domains are registered with GoDaddy. I’ve changed the NS records to the two listed above.
I’m hosting with Vultr.

So on Cloudflare, I have A records and even CName records where appropriate to point back to the server, A records pointing to the IP address of the server, and Cname pointing to the domain, yet I can’t seem to get beyond these errors.

When I point my DNS records back directly to the host, there are no issues and everything works just fine, but trying to go through Cloudflare, it appears broken.

I’d like to continue using Cloudflare, but I cannot as the domains won’t go anywhere.

When I try to visit the domain, I am met with this error:

This site can’t be reached
The webpage at mellowtarot . com might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Just so ya know, it’s the end of a long day for me and I’m having a hard time following your post.

If you’re hosted at Vultr (Yay Vultr!), your DNS entries should be A records, unless you’re doing some specialized CNAME setup.

Can you post the name of the domain you’re trying to set up?

Sorry, let me try again:

I am leaving out links because it won’t let me post after 2+ links. So where links are, I will add spaces.

I am trying to resolve a domain through Cloudflare. These are my assigned DNS:


This domain is:

mellowtarot was registered through GoDaddy.

I have set the DNS records to connie and kanye.

Through Cloudflare, I have changed the DNS.

I have set the A record of mellowtarot . com to point to the IP address where I need it to resolve.

As I await patiently for the DNS propagation to occur, it looks like it is not resolving anywhere at all.

Finally, on Vultr, I have added it as a domain so that it resolves.

So this is how it should be:

Cloudflare → Vultr →

When people connect, they should be connecting through Cloudflare, as it was intended.

When I use mxtoolbox .com, it says the records don’t exist at all.

When I check through intodns .com, I get these errors:

And finally, when I use zonemaster . iis . se (remove the spaces), I get these errors:

How do I fix these errors so that I am able to use Cloudflare?

You need to hop on over to GoDaddy and tell it that connie and kanye are the name servers for your domain.

Everything should fall into place after that.

I certainly wish it were that simple. I have been using Cloudflare for quite some time and usually, everything does fall into place. That is the beauty of Cloudflare! But what happens when it doesn’t fall into place?

I have let the DNS propagate through Cloudflare once again and not directly through the server so you can now take a look, here are the links:

So it is as you told me to do → GoDaddy has connie and kanye as the custom NS servers.

In Cloudflare, I have set an A record: mellowtarot . com → IP address
TTL is automatic.

Also sdayman, I thank you for your help. I apologize for coming off as I did. Trying to get this up for a client and was feeling as if it were urgent, but it is no longer urgent, though I still need it to work!

I was able to resolve this. Instead of adding a new website, I was trying to set it up through the original website. Cloudflare doesn’t seem to like this. So once I added a new site, it was able to discover the DNS and resolved to it immediately.

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