Cloudflare DNS records not populating

I have entered several cnames into my Cloudflare control panel for but whenever I use DIG or check the dns from other service providers, it says i don’t have any CNAMES created. I even changed it from proxied to DNS only and it still doesn’t populate to the internet at large. I need to validate my cname records with Microsoft Office but they can’t see the records i clearly have entered into the control panel. Please help.

Your A record is: →

Looks like you have CNAME’s

May I ask what are the CNAME records?
There is an www CNAME record.

1. 299 IN CNAME
2. 3599 IN CNAME
3. 59 IN A

The records I entered in my control panel are now populating to other providers. These are:

selector1._domainkey points to

selector2._domainkey points to

So it’s all good now?

Try Dig (DNS lookup) … says no records

says no cname records

I added cname records weeks ago

Your test is flawed. You’re querying a hostname of instead of the hostname of the CNAME record.

Why wouldn’t the records show when I am checking what cname records exist? It works for other domains I have with other providers

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