Cloudflare DNS records automatically revert to old values


I am using Hostinger as my site hosting provider and have setup NS records of my domain to point to Cloudflare DNS servers. For this Cloudflare-managed DNS zone, I recently changed the website A record, since Hostinger made a change of the IPv4 of their hosting server. However some time after that, I noticed that the A record in Cloudflare was automatically reverted to its old value, thus resulting in error when browsing to the site. Do you have any hints or ideas as to what might be happening?

Are you using Ezoic?

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Yes, using Ezoic. What is the integration dependency i am missing here? The NS records (name servers) of my domain are the Cloudflare nameservers.

Once you give Ezoic your credentials they create an API Key for your account. From then on you can only change your DNS records via their dashboard. They will use the API Key to revert any and all changes you make in the Cloudflare dashboard.

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This is very helpful, I was not aware of, much appreciated.

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