Cloudflare DNS record not published

I received a notice that cloudflare needed us to verify with stripe before I could register the domain with them. After that, the payment went through and I was informed by cloudflare and the old registrar that the domain had transferred. 2.5 hours ago, email and website quit working. This was about 20 minutes after receiving an email with the following text:

Rae (Cloudflare)

Jul 7, 2023, 1:22 PM PDT

Upon further review, we have removed the suspension from the account and domain names. We will not require verification of these purchase.

I was never notified of a suspension, and they seem to have done the opposite. Is there any way to fix this without paying $250 to get an 8 hour response?


Can you share some more details?

OK, that is for a domain transfer into cloudflare, correct?

Is it the same account you are using here?

Can you share the name of the domain you wanted to transfer in?

Thank you!

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This is for a different domain, I had to create a new account to post in the community because the original email isn’t working. the domains are and account name is

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Correct, transferred 3 domains in total, but one of them, was transferred later and is still in the 5 day waiting period

Thank you. It looks like for the two domains that transferred in the outgoing registrar may have reverted the nameservers to their default on the way out the door. I see cf nameservers were confirmed on June 30 but they are no longer pointing to cf. I will flag this for my colleagues in Support and can you open a registrar ticket with the Support team? Ideally from the email of the account that holds the domain, Support can only work with the registered account holder. Is the email that holds the account not working due to the transfer in? If that is the case, open the registrar ticket from this account and share a link to this conversation, Cloudflare DNS record not published - #6 by jwatson1.

Once you have a ticket, please add it to this thread so that my Registrar colleagues can see it.

You can open a registrar ticket here,

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Correct, that email is no longer working. I will submit the ticket and reference this conversation. Thank you for looking into it, I appreciate it greatly!

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Thank you, added myself to the ticket to track progress and added some more details.

Thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond

Do you think it’s worth upgrading to the PRO plan to see if that resolves the issue, or do you think this wasn’t related to the stripe verification?