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I’m running a local Minecraft server on a computer with Windows 10 OS. In my router and firewall settings, I’ve opened port 25565, allowing all users to connect to the server even through my dynamic public IPv4 address.

DNS works flawlessly for my domain with an A record, enabling players to connect via the domain, for example, However, as soon as I enable DNS Proxy for the A record, ping goes through the Proxy but doesn’t reach my server or computer.

I’m confident the issue lies within the port. I’ve explored numerous options, but the traffic still doesn’t reach the server. Attempts to open various ports, including HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, Proxy, SOCKS, and others, have been unsuccessful.

What’s most interesting is - I have two domains, they are configured the same way. One works without proxy and allows connection, and the other works with proxy and it is impossible to connect, only ping to Cloudflare proxy servers.

Previously, when I used VDS/VPS, I didn’t encounter such problems. I would like to understand why my domain works without Proxy but stops functioning with Proxy enabled. Ping reaches the Cloudflare Proxy but not my computer.

Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter.

As for Cloudflare “not proxying” ports 25565 and Minecraft is nonsense as it works fine on VDS/VPS servers with Proxy and domains.

I want to understand how it actually works and the answer, I’m sure, lies in some port number that works between Cloudflare - Cloudflare Proxy - EndPoint (Host).

Cloudflare does only proxy HTTP traffic on these ports at the edge…

HTTP can be used with alternative origin ports by using origin rules:

Other protocols (such as Minecraft) require the use of Cloudflare’s Spectrum proxy service:

Otherwise, turn off proxying and use Cloudflare for DNS only.

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