Cloudflare DNS proxy issues - Website works unproxied fails when proxying enabled

I just registered a new domain through Cloudflare and am trying to set it up to be accessible to servers hosted on my home LAN. I have other proxied domains on CF where I am already doing this and everything works great. On my home LAN, I am running Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM) which is handling the routing.

Anyway, my new domain is acting problematic, and I am hoping for guidance from the experts here. Here is description of what I am seeing:

I have two sub-domains configured at Cloudflare for the new domain – one is www. and the other is www2.. The only difference is that www has CF proxying disabled and www2 has it enabled. Both are configured EXACTLY the same way in NPM.

The strange thing is that www. works perfectly while www2. fails with a 522 error. I checked the NPM logs and see no traffic coming into www2 and so it does not seem to be an NPM issue.

I am about this situation and even where to look and/or troubleshoot. Can anyone provide suggestions on what I should do to further explore this?

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I figured this out and wanted to share the solution. I think that the big issue is that I was trying to access the site via HTTP vs HTTPS. (My firewall blocks HTTP.)

To make matters worse, I had mistakenly configured CF to “Flexible” in the SSL/TLS setting which compounded the port 80 issues.

I also cleared browser cache and history as part of this and so that probably helped too.


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