CloudFlare DNS Proxy issue

i added the domain in Cloudflare with proxy. Its a wordpress site and the inner page is not loading on new cpanel server. When we remove the proxy, its working fine on cpanel server

in some other servers, with proxy on dns is working fine. i already contacted cpanel for support and they updated that its not releated to their product. so now am in a difficult situation.

When enbale proxy on Cloudflare, then this error will throw.

cloudflare_proxy error

so how can i fix it on my new server. please help

Did your site work fine on HTTPS before?

yes, its working fine on old server from the last few years. its creates issues only on new server.

Both servers are cpanel.

That’s a 524. Did you follow the steps mentioned in the article on the error?

Your domain seems to load fine over Cloudflare


However, you appear to have Railgun enabled, so make sure that’s properly configured as well.

It will work, when dns only mode is enable. when proxy is enabled then inner pages will not work

As evident from what I posted it does work on Cloudflare, but anyhow, you just need to follow what I wrote.

can you please share the article

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