Cloudflare DNS proxy change results in old content

Had my DNS records using the Proxy method, CNAME’d to a 3rd party site. Old site’s content came up fine.

Deployed a totally different site to a new 3rd party. Confirmed w/curl that new 3rd party is serving the new content for the domain I want it to serve content for. Changed DNS records to CNAME to that new 3rd party. But it keeps serving the old old content from the old 3rd party. (confirmed with curl, not a browser cache issue)

Went to Cache settings, purged all cache. Still just the old site. (confirmed with curl, not a browser cache issue)

deleted the records. site stops responding. re-created the records with the new 3rd party site records. Still serving the old site content. (confirmed with curl, not a browser cache issue)

What do I have to do to serve my content from a new site, Cloudflare? Why doesn’t cache purging work? Why didn’t it refresh the cached content to begin with when I changed the DNS to a completely different domain?

On top of that, I enabled Developer Mode, and purged cache again just for the heck of it. Still serving old site.

My site is effectively down, because it’s impossible to get the new site’s content to show up. Even though the new site is correctly serving traffic for the new domain that the records are currently CNAME’d to.

I ended up turning off proxying entirely and exposed my endpoint. Once DNS propagated, the new page shows up fine. I turned proxying back on, and the old content came back.

So, basically, don’t expect Cloudflare to ever stop caching your old content if it caches it once.

Isn’t Cloudflare supposed to be a CDN? Isn’t cache invalidation like the second most important feature that needs to work for a CDN?

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