Cloudflare DNS prevent Facebook lite app from connecting


I’ve recently started using/trying Facebook Lite Android App. Not that I use FB often, but figured if and when I wanted to use it, I can enjoy with less bloat.

Anyhow, when I installed it I wan on 4G mobile data and everything worked perfectly even with AdGuard app using AdGuard DNS.
Then I came home, connected to my Wifi and FB lite app got stuck in loading page. I’ve been fiddling around with AdGuard, thinking I must have blocked an app on WiFi but not on 4G or misconfigured something. I’ve been playing around with that. Then I turned it off completely, still wouldn’t connect to FB lite on WiFi.

Scratching my head, I was like what is different between my Wifi and 4g and found the culprit to be my DNS which was set to and on my modem.
Changing this to Google DNS quickly resolved the issue.
I have not ran into similar issues with other apps or websites, but now I’m questioning CF…

Not a frequent app people probably use, but I’m curious as to why it wouldn’t work with CF…

Anyhow my 2 cents.

It’s possibly an issue but my first thought would be that maybe there was some cached DNS responses in play causing the problem???

Try switching back to Cloudflare DNS on your router (no other changes) and see if the problem comes back. Interested to see if it does.