Cloudflare DNS performs slow on Tamil Nadu, India

They also said that if routing issue with us (ISP) then also makes issue on routing but only slow down now , so ask to support (Cloudflare support)

The community can’t help. That’s either up to your ISP or Cloudflare’s announcements.

The other routing is completely unrelated and based on their response I’d assume they do not really know what they are talking about, so the issue might very well be with them.

Do i able to attach screenshot of my ping test ?

I am afraid we are going in circles now. The community cannot help you in this case.

Oh sad

anyway let me wait till fix

Pinged my ip on but less ping on Singapore then mumbai
I don’t know How but my ip Location is Nagercoil,Tamilnadu

i shared my ping , just check once please

Wow my problem solved now, again mumbai doing DNS Request for me :slight_smile: instead of Singapore

Glad it is working again. Your ISP probably fixed the routing.

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Yes , Cloudflare using mumbai and google using chennai for me, anyway fast but is fast enough now :slight_smile:

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