Cloudflare DNS performs slow on Tamil Nadu, India

Hey there;
I am using cloudflare DNS on my pc, few weeks ago websites load very slowly and I just run an ping and tracert test on and

ping result - I got 173-174 ms on cloudflare and 18-20 ms on
tracert result - Cloudflare resolving DNS request on Singapore region

I am from Tamilnadu,India, meanwhile Cloudflare need to use Chennai region or Mumbai For DNS Resolving

Extremely Sorry for my poor English


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Usually I’d point to Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me?, however in the case of the DNS resolver I do think one shouldn’t get routed halfway around the world :wink:

Tagging @mvavrusa, @anb, and @dane, maybe they can look into these specific network announcements, though there still is the possibility that Cloudflare can’t do much here and this really is just up to your ISP and it simply routes to Singapore instead.

i used it routes to Chennai region always, even the routes to Mumbai before 2 weeks and This route to Singapore issues started in this 2 weeks of period and decreased my overall web loading experience

That still could be because of your provide who changed routing. You might also want to contact them and clarify that.

even i have tested with vpn still high ping

i already asked to Airtel they said to Contact Cloudflare for this issue, so i am here

That does not mean that your ISP is not routing incorrectly here, in which case only they can fix that.

Cloudflare is unlikely to be able to change much here. As I already mentioned, the tagged people could possibly have a look into this issue but that’s not a guarantee eiher that your ISP’s routing will be fixed.

I Believe they may able to help me in this issue

Rather unlikely, but I nonetheless tagged them.

tagging mean pinging them ?

What did your provider say why they are routing requests to Singapore?

They said this is issue with Cloudflare not with us and they requested to test afterwards i am tested and even using chennai region for dns routing.

This may be issue with

Well, of course they will try to shift the responsibility away :wink:

Fact is they should check first why their routing is off.

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i need back as normal , Then my browsing goes Happy :slight_smile:

You can always try to drop an email to [email protected] but I wouldn’t put the hopes up too high.

i tried but even till no reply from Cloudflare support team :frowning:

Support is not primarily for the DNS service. Again, Cloudflare probably cannot influence your ISP’s routing and you would need to clarify why your ISP is not properly routing.

You are right, but how even working properly ? that mean issue with my ISP ?

Google’s service is of course unrelated to that. You really need to clarify this with your ISP.

My ISP said no issue from our side ,kindly ask to your Cloudflare community or use (said by ISP)