Cloudflare DNS partner合作托管机构资格已经被吊销了

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我所使用的DNS partner合作托管机构已经被吊销了,我无法管理我的域名解析!
请帮助我 取得恢复 我在cloudflare管理我自己域名。


You can bypass Cloudflare by going to your domain registrar and change the name servers for your domain to what your website host recommends.

I think you did not understand my question.
My domain name resolution is still in my hands. It’s just that in the past I used to choose chame to access cloudflare. I did not resolve all my domain names in cloudflare, but cloudflare has the option to distribute my domain names globally through the cdn distributed proxy.
The resolution choice for this part will be up to me, because I own the domain name.

Simply put, I access cloudflare through chame, but the method used is a cooperative partner. At present, the qualification of partner has been cancelled. I cannot manage my domain name indirectly.

Only if you are signed up with a partner who will set this up for you. You no longer have that.

If you want to use Cloudflare, you will have to sign up for your own account, then point your name servers to Cloudflare. Or find another partner.

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