Cloudflare DNS over TLS (DoT) Server names

I would like to set up Cloudflare DNS server on my router. I want to enable the ‘DNS’ over TLS (DoT)’ option for additional security measure. I have read in some Cloudflare blog web hosting post that it supports DNS over TLS (DoT) option, but what I need is also so called ‘Resolved Names of the DNS Server’ in order to set up this option and I couldn’t find this information anywhere.

Can someone help me with what information should I put in here? Note that I am also using DNSv6 server configuration on my router.


Not entirely sure what they mean by “fully resolved” but the IP and hostname variants of’s DoT is available at

Set up Cloudflare resolver · Cloudflare docs — Family – Adult Content and Malware Blocking: — Family – Malware Blocking:
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