CloudFlare DNS only works when client is set to CloudFlare

Hello, everyone

I am new to the Cloudflare bandwagon and have been plagued by DNS issues for sometime after setting up my account. I have setup DDNS IAW Cloudflare’s support documentation and it is working just fine. However, zero DNS propagation changes have been submitted to any other nameservers than CD’s.

If I try to connect to one of my subdomains, such as those I use for SSH (and yes it’s a grey cloud entry), I still get a name resolution error. When I change my DNS server, as the client, to point at Cloudflare, is the only time that I will not get a DNS error.

I’m truly stumped on this issue. Any advice?

Hey. So to start off with, DNS propagation isn’t actually a thing, rather, it’s a misnamed shorthand for the fact that DNS servers cache records at various levels and therefore not all changes are instantaneous (even once they have been applied at your hosting provider).

If you are still having issues, it might be useful to know the domain and one of the grey hostnames that you are having issues with. If you don’t want to reveal a record, perhaps create a temporary one and point it at an unassigned IP address, the actual IP isn’t really important but rather the resolution process.

Thanks, Dave! I actually called up Cloudflare and it was there fault. Somehow the root DNS servers did not get updated.

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