Cloudflare DNS not saving on host site

Hello, this is my first post, and I am really just double checking that I haven’t missed something in the setup from Cloudflare side.

I have a hobby site, that someone monitoring the site decided to add cloudflare to - no problem here as we had been discussing it. However, the task wasn’t completed and I now have a site that cannot be accessed. I have followed instructions on Cloudflare and my host.

The current problem: when changing name server info on my host I get this error message [401] failed to connect to registry.

I am assuming this cannot be resolved in a Cloudflare process. But needed to ask.


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Would you mind posting the domain name? That doesn’t seem to be a Cloudflare error.

Not all all, just couldn’t find it in the rules.

The WHOIS database shows it assigned to *, so I presume it’s something that you need to check with your current registrar. Ask their support…

Hi Matteo, I had already done that. They said it was my problem, but on a second request they made the change. I’m just waiting for the process to be complete so I have a live site again.

cheers Jennie

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