Cloudflare DNS not resolving the domain


I have some own nameservers for a few clients set-up with my domain ( trough Cloudflare (A Records and NS Records in Cloudflare). The Nameservers are:

I’ve checked these Nameservers for the specific Domains I am hosting with the DENIC NAST tool, and the configuration is working.

But some domains aren’t resolvable with Cloudflare. An example is “”, it can be resolved using any other DNS service like google, but not with cloudflare (

Another random domain “beta-wink(dor)tk” is resolvable with Cloudflare, even though it uses the same nameservers and DNS configuration in Plesk.

Does anyone know why cloudflare behaves so strangely? I also tested another domain on the same nameservers, and it worked without any problems. Does anyone have an Idea what to do with my “jone(dot)io” domain to get it working back again? I really wouldn’t like to change the nameserver of all my customers to another domain.

Thank you for the time you spend reading this.
Best regards

Sorry for the (dot), but new users can’t put more than 4 domains into a Topic :confused:

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